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Glossary of Terms

Receiving: A record of a load received, tied to a Customer/Profile. 

Profile: A record describing a pre-determined type of material expected to be received. 

Lab Analysis: A record that consists of data points, their readings and the potential notion of a Pass or Fail on the part of a single item and/or the entire analysis. 

Lab Analysis Item: A single test data point within the Lab Analysis Record.

Receiving Screening Lab Analysis: The initial Lab Analysis Record created to record the state of the material at time of receipt. 

Lab Analysis Limit Set: A template record representing a pre-determined set of Lab Analysis Limit Set Items that will be used to create a Lab Analysis Record and it’s Lab Analysis Item records.  

Lab Analysis Limit Set Item: A single template test data point within the Lab Analysis Template record. 

Lab Analysis Master Item: An element or material to test for. 

Lab Analysis Phase: The point in time in the life of a waste load received by the plant. ( Screening, Receiving, Discharge )

Lab Analysis Usage: The purpose for which the Lab Analysis was created. ( Profile certification, Receiving, Discharge, Treat-ability, Oil Production Lot, Oil Exports )

Lab Analysis Material: The primary type of materials being tested for in the Lab Analysis. ( Metals, Oil, Water )

Cost Analysis: A collection of various data points from within the Receiving and Lab Analysis record used to calculate the cost of the processing of a load of material. 

Cost Analysis Item: A single data point within a Cost Analysis record used to determine the value of a single cost critical data point.

Cost Analysis Template: A template record representing a pre-determined set of Cost Analysis Template Items that will be used to create a Cost Analysis record and it’s Cost Analysis Items. 

Cost Analysis Template Item: A single template costing item record within the Cost Analysis Template record.

Facility: LES processing plant location city name.

Consolidated: Consideration of and data collection of all facilities and their various needs in one place, instead of separate places for each facility. 

Limit Set: A group of tolerances defined with a ceiling and floor for determining pass or fail.