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Lab Analysis

Lab Analysis

Lab Analysis Overview

The purpose of the Lab Analysis system is to be able to capture test results of various types to determine the destiny of a received load. 

Lab Analysis records are currently used for the following:
Receiving: to determine if a load can be received and processed. 
Treat-ability: to determine what, if any, treatments can be done to the load. 
Screening: How as the treatment effected the load and does it need more treatment?
Discharge: does the material meet qualifications to be discharged?

This incarnation of the Lab Analysis system was created out of the call for various needs:

  1. Staff be able to manage Analysis testing backing.
  2. Each facilities own unique testing needs.
  3. Consolidated template management.
  4. Consolidated Analysis collection. 
Accessing the Lab Analysis File:

If the local facility processing file is open, it can be found by going to the “Window” menu, and “Show window>Lab Analysis”. 



Creating a Limit Set:

Using the Nav button in the far right header, click “Limit Sets”.


In the header, click “New Record”.