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Harmonic Collaboration Room Quickstart Guide

Harmonic Collaboration Room 1

  • First, use both Sony remotes to turn each TV on.

  • To join an already existing meeting, click the meeting ID bar, enter the meeting ID or the name of the room you wish to join and tap Go once the information has been entered. 

  • To create a new meeting from the Logitech Tap device, simply click the Create instant meeting button. 


    • After creating an instant meeting, a unique meeting ID will be generated and displayed on the screen. This is the ID that needs to be shared with all of the meeting participants in order for them to join. The camera and microphone will start up and will be displayed on the TVs once the meeting room has been created. 


Sharing Your Screen 

Once in a meeting, anyone’s screen can be shared by selecting the Share Screen button on the Logitech Tap console. This will generate a unique link that is used to connect to the meeting that is currently in progress. 

IMG_20220715_1517192.jpeg IMG_20220715_150813.jpeg

Any laptop may go to that link to be shared with the meeting room. Mobile browsers are not supported at this time. Once the device that is to be displayed has navigated to the URL shown on the Logitech Tap console, then the browser will ask what window to share. 



Please note that currently, both TV’s in the Harmonic Collab Room 1 are mirroring each other. I also did not notice that the HDMI Cable made any difference when attempting to share my screen.