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Taking Attendance


Now that we have our program and student roster created, let’s go ahead and take attendance!

To get to the Attendance layout, we will need to either select the Take Attendance button on the Manage Program Detail Layout.

    • You may also reach this layout by selecting the Take Attendance button from the Home screen. If you are going through the Home screen, you will need to select the program you wish to take attendance for.

1.PNG  2.png

Once on the Attendance layout, you will see your student roster listed on the left and a calendar week on the right. To mark a student present, simply click the desired day of the week on the student’s row. A checkmark will appear on the selected day signifying that the student has been counted as present for that day.



    • Should the need arise, a student can be added to the roster from this layout as well! Simply select the Add Student button at the top of the layout and fill in the details outlined in the Creating Your First Program Guide and click Save when you are finished. The newly created student will then appear on the current roster.